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What To Do When You Need A Mom Break

June 19, 2018

There are certain days I just can’t mom anymore. Let’s be honest, we all need an occasional break! Some days I need a couple of small breaks from my twin toddlers and you know what – that is OK!!! We have a really tough job and it’s difficult to carve out the “me time” we both need and deserve. I also find that after I take sometime for myself I am a MUCH better mom. I’m more relaxed and calm, and feel re-energized to tackle the rest of our day. My kids also feed off of my new energy so it’s a win-win for everyone. Here’s a list of 8 ideas of what to do when you need a mom break:

1. Hit the Gym

Our gym has been a LIFESAVER for me! Most gyms offer a kid drop off with lots of activities for the kids to enjoy while their parents work out. Some days I’m not going to lie, I work out to avoid my children 😊 only for a little while. It’s also great for the kids because they spend time in a new environment interacting with other kids their age.


2. GNO (Girl’s Night Out)

Going out for a night with the girls always helps me unwind. It’s also fun to talk to mom friends about what they’re going through and just laugh about all the craziness of mom life. My favorite things to do for a GNO are try out a new restaurant or go see a funny movie and when I’m not pregnant enjoy a few cocktails!


3. The Mom Group Text

If you can’t make it for a night out it’s great to have a text going with a group of mom friends just to bounce ideas off of each other or shoot questions back and forth! I especially love doing this with my mom friend’s who have older kids because they’ve been through it all before and have great tips & advise to share!

Group Text

4. Go Shopping

You don’t have to tell me twice to do this one!  I don’t even have to actually buy anything but sometimes just getting out and window shopping for an hour or two completely re-energizes me. Take an hour or two for yourself and drop the kids off with your hubby/ babysitter/grandma/grandpa etc. and hit the mall or an outdoor shopping center on a nice day!


5. Grab a coffee (or tea)

This can happen in your own living room if you don’t have time for a Starbucks run. Sometimes I’ll send the girls to play upstairs or turn on a movie for them just so I can just take a minute to actually drink my coffee while it’s still hot or chilled! Having coffee out of a warm mug instead of a to-go cup also makes me feel more relaxed and less rushed in the mornings.


6. Plan a play date

Obviously this is a great way to keep the kiddos entertained but it’s also nice for momma’s too! The kiddos love to play with each other which gives the mom’s a minute to catch up and relax ( a little ).  I love having play dates at our house because it helps my girls learn to share their toys with other kids so that is a major bonus as well! I try to plan at least two play dates a week to help keep the girls stimulated and to help keep me sane 🙂


7. Read a New Book

“Here’s to books, the cheapest vacation you can buy.” – Charlaine Harris. This saying could not be more true! Curling up at the end of the day and getting lost in a new read helps us relax and have  a little escape from mommyhood. This has also really helped me fall asleep faster at night. Looking for a new book to read this summer??? Check out any of these amazing books, I would give them all 5 stars!


8. Grab a drink

Girl, you’ve earned it! A tall glass of wine (or any other cocktail of your choice) is much deserved after a long hard week (or sometimes day) of mommyhood. I’m preggo right now and reeeeally miss my vino but the other breaks on this list have helped me when I just need a mommy minute to relax!


Realistically this is more what I look like after a week with the twins LOL!

Cheers, momma!!!

lots of drinks