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Fun & Affordable Party Ideas

Fun & Affordable Party Ideas

101 Dalmatians Halloween Costume

August 31, 2020

As long as my kids want me to be a part of their Halloween costume theme I am here for it! My hubby on the other hand is a little harder to convince to get in on the fun! 😉 Last fall, the girls had recently watched 101 Dalmatians for the first time so we decided to dress up as Cruella De Vil and the Dalmatians from the movie. I was so excited about this theme because it was very easy to put together and I already owned most of the pieces for my costume (minus the cigarette holder). I loved getting the girl’s input on how they wanted to dress up for their 101 Dalmatians Halloween costume.

Cruella De Vil and her Dalmatians

The older girl’s costumes can be found on Amazon. I love that these have fur-trimmed skirts making them more girly Dalmatians.

I splurged a little on my youngest’s outfit from Pottery Barn Kids because it was just too adorable to pass up. This was also her first real Halloween since she was only a month old at this time last year.

Baby Dalmatian Costume

My entire Cruella attire was all found in the back of my closet except for the red gloves and pretend cigarette holder which can both be found on Amazon.

I also ordered some temporary white hair dye but it didn’t work out so I opted for baby powder instead. The baby powder instantly turned my hair white but the effect didn’t last too long so I had to re-do it a few times that night. If I had a do-over I would just get a Cruella wig like this one instead.

Ready to go trick-or-treat

It’s fun seeing how others dress up for the same theme. I love how these sisters coordinated their adorable Dalmatian outfits! Check out to see how they created these darling costumes.

I’m still on the hunt for a cute family Halloween costume theme for this year. If you have good ideas please drop them in the comments below or feel free to reach out to

Fun & Affordable Party Ideas

Unicorn and Rainbow Birthday Party

August 7, 2018

It really doesn’t seem possible but somehow my babies just turned three years old! They are just now starting to understand birthdays and parties so I wasn’t too keen on having a really big party that involved at a lot of effort this year since I’m now about 8 and a 1/2 months preggo, and as my husband keeps reminding me they will obviously not remember this when they are older. So, we opted to do a birthday party package through our gym that pretty much included all of the necessities. It worked out well because the girls have recently developed an obsession with rainbows and the gym has a giant inflatable they use for parties that looks like a rainbow (see below). The girls also love unicorns so we decided we had to have a unicorn and rainbow birthday party for them this year.

Giant Rainbow Inflatable

The giant rainbow inflatable definitely kept the kiddos entertained for a while, if you’re hosting your own rainbow/unicorn party check out this smaller size version of the rainbow inflatable bounce house.

The gym also opened up their rock climbing wall and passed around a couple of basketballs and some of these old fashioned scooter boards to provide a variety of activities.

Rainbow Glitter Slime

A table with glitter and slime was also provided and it seemed to be a pretty big hit! Find your own glitter slime here for only $10. I don’t recommend letting the kiddos bring this home from a birthday party, accidentally leaving it in a hot car makes for a very slimy mess!  

Unicorn/Rainbow Party Decor

My favorite thing about their party this year was all of the pretty, girly decorations. Walking into the party room felt like walking into a nice bridal shower! I loved the way the chairs and tables were decorated. Most of these decorations can be found at Party City.

You can find these gold unicorn dessert plates, beverage napkins, pastel rainbow cups and sparkling unicorn table cover all at Party City.

Rainbow Cakes

OK first of all, how completely adorable are these cake toppers??? So precious! My super talented friend, Chevonn of Celebrate. Every. Day. | Event Decor made these for the cakes and they could not have turned out any cuter! She makes all kinds of custom party decor that is very affordable and ships everywhere, to contact her e-mail

HEB’s bakery made the cakes for the party, we had one vanilla cake and one chocolate. I wasn’t too thrilled about how the rainbow sprinkled donuts looked around the bottom layer but I’m glad we got them because the girls were beyond excited to have both cake and donuts at their party!

Giant Unicorn Balloon

My girls went nuts over this giant unicorn balloon that I ordered through our HEB. It was super convenient to order because not only did they inflate it for me at the store, they also added tiny weights to the bottom so it would stand upright and not float away. The cost was great, only around $25! This balloon is HUGE and barely fit in the back of a small SUV so if you order it make sure you have enough extra space in your car to transport it.

Unicorn and Rainbow Themed Birthday Banners

I loved all of the banners for this party, the theme was just so pretty! The I Believe in Unicorns Banner above the table was made by Celebrate. Every. Day. | Event Decor and the unicorn pennant happy birthday banner located at the bottom of the table in the above picture is from Party City. 

The above gorgeous custom banner was also made by Celebrate. Every. Day. | Event Decor. I absolutely love how the gold letters and trim look with the pastel colors, it turned out so beautifully! Our party room was in a dance studio at the gym so there were mirrors everywhere and not much wall space. The kiddos seemed to love all of the mirrors for practicing their cartwheels and dance moves while all on a major cake and donut sugar high!

At first I was a little hesitant to do the unicorn/rainbow theme since it seems like it’s everywhere these days but there are so many different options and styles for decorations I think it turned out well! I loved the pastel rainbow colors mixed with gold, it was so pretty and very fairy tale like. Most importantly my girls seemed to absolutely love it and have already asked when the next unicorn rainbow party is! 

For questions or additional information comment below or contact