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Teeth Whitening For Coffee Stains

September 16, 2019

I love the saying “life is what happens between coffee and wine” because those two beverages are pretty much what keeps this mama going! Naturally those dark colored drinks aren’t doing any favors for my teeth. Over time I started noticing less of a white smile in a lot of our family photos so I was very excited to be approached by Smile Br!lliant to review their at-home professional kit to help teeth whitening for coffee stains.

When I learned that the first step I needed to take was to make a mold of my teeth for the whitening trays I had instant flash backs of gagging on clay molding trays at the orthodontist about 20 years ago. (That kind of torture will stay with you forever). However, the molding trays were extremely easy to use! I had no trouble making the impressions, and it was effortless to drop them in their pre-paid package and stick in the mail to send out to the lab. Not even a week later my finished trays arrived!

I received the whitening trays and began whitening my teeth every evening. I love to read a good book at night so I simply popped in my trays before reading and it became a part of my night time routine.

My teeth have always been extra sensitive so I used the desensitizing gel provided in the kit and noticed a huge difference in sensitivity when I consistantly used the gel after whitening sessions.

As mentioned this mama really can’t go a day without coffee and I was afraid that would affect my results but luckily the desensitizing gel
helps close the pores on your teeth faster – which also helps prevent re-staining! I still used a straw when sipping my morning Starbucks to help minimize stains.

Photography: Kate Elizabeth Photography

After just one week of using the whitening trays I could see a huge difference in the brightness of my smile, which really makes you feel confident all over. I continued using the trays every other day for a total of 12 days and I still have some product left over for touch-ups later on!

Here is a look at the before and after results of my teeth whitening. I love the noticeable difference and how easy this entire process was!

Before left, after right

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