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Bluebonnets in Houston

April 14, 2019

I just love this time of year, seeing those gorgeous bluebonnets popping up all along the roadways makes our already beautiful state even more “purdy”. This time each year Texans search for the best little field of bluebonnets to plop their loved ones down for a few photo ops with our beautiful state’s flower. That’s why I decided to share a couple of great locations to find bluebonnets in Houston.

Photography by Heaven + Honey Photography

Houston is really flat, y’all. We don’t get to enjoy the picturesque hills filled with bluebonnets like our neighbors in the hill country. But, there are a couple of spots around town with mini inclines that help provide the illusion of that hill country feel.

Photography by Heaven + Honey Photography

If you live in north Houston, Spring or The Woodlands area The Montgomery County Memorial Library has a beautiful little field of bluebonnets right outside of their building at the Lone Star Circle Park.

Photography by Angela Renae Photography

Also in the Conroe area is a beautiful bluebonnet field off of Highway 105 near Ransom’s Steakhouse & Saloon next to Fernland Historical Park.

Photography by Angela Renae Photography

Rob Fleming Park located in the Creekside area of the Woodlands has a small field of bluebonnets each year. The only issue with this area is
that it’s encompassed by ropes so it won’t be mowed, this makes it difficult to take pictures without catching the ropes in the background. Luckily our amazing photographer, Angela Renae Photography was able to edit all of those ropes out.

Photography by Heaven + Honey Photography

The above picture was taken at Herman Park, right across the street from the Hermann Park Golf Course.

Photography by Heaven + Honey Photography

If you are looking for more bluebonnet locations in the greater Houston area be sure to check out this awesome list by

If you know of another great bluebonnet location in the north Houston area that isn’t listed above please comment below or reach out to

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    April 15, 2019 at 11:46 pm

    I love blue bonnets and your photos of the girls and your family are wonderful. So spring like and beautiful.

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