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Pediped Egg Hunt

March 31, 2019

A few weeks ago Pediped, a children’s shoe company sent me a few pairs of shoes for my daughters to try out. We received these right before leaving for our trip to Disney World and I was a little worried about the girls wearing brand new shoes on a trip that I knew would involve a TON of walking. But, they wore their new shoes all over Disney and I heard zero complaints about their feet hurting, which if you have a young kiddos you know the complaint department is always on overload! In fact they still love wearing their shoes from this company so I have to share an exciting opportunity coming up about an online Pediped egg hunt and a way for you to win shoes for only a penny!  has a fun online egg hunt planned on April 1st – 5th & on April 8th – 12th. They will be running a website “egg hunt” where they hide an Easter egg somewhere on the site and the first person to find the egg gets a penny pair of shoes in their choice of size and gender.

Here are the rules and steps:

Win a pair of shoes for ONE PENNY & FREE SHIPPING when you find an “Egg Hunt” egg on! Each day they will hide three eggs on the site between 12 PM and 4 PM CST at random times Monday-Friday.

Step 1: Search for a colorful “Egg Hunt” egg.

Step 2: Select your size/gender, add to cart.

Step 3: Place your order FAST!

Each penny egg will redeem a NEW spring/ summer style in your size and gender selection for ONE PENNY & FREE SHIPPING!

Follow along on Facebook and Instagram stories, as they will be announcing when a new Mystery Egg has been hidden!⭐

Happy egg hunting!!! As always comment below or reach out to with any questions or comments! Good luck!!!

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