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TFTI Experience

December 3, 2018

I had so much fun over the weekend at TFTI Houston! My parents offered to babysit so I could finally have a MUCH needed mom break and my friend and I were looking for something fun to do for an hour or two before going to a Christmas party so we decided to check it out! TFTI (stands for Thanks For The Invite) is the ultimate Instagram-able pop-up shop! Overall, we loved our TFTI experience. There are several different rooms with lots of unique photo-ops in each including a love themed room with pretty faux roses everywhere and a large light up sign. 

The upside down Christmas room was definitely my favorite. Everything in the room is upside down so when you stand in it and take your picture flipping the image upside down makes it look like you are hanging from the ceiling. This worked out perfectly because we were going to an ugly Christmas sweater party afterwards so I happened to have my sweater in my bag and threw it on for the picture.

There is also a cloud themed room with some pretty sweet origami, a neon sign, and a swing.

I loved this rainbow wall room that had pillows and feathers for pillow fights which made for some pretty hilarious boomerangs.

 I would definitely recommend checking out TFTI for a fun hour of entertainment. The cost is $30 per ticket. This is a pop-up photo experience so it will only be in the Houston area until the end of this month, December 30th so go while you can! They are open Thursday through Sunday. As mentioned I had a babysitter for my kids but I did see a lot of kids there which would be really cute to get some unique pictures with your kiddos. If you are from the Houston area you will probably remember going to the once popular DRINK Houston, TFTI is now in that same building so we had fun reminiscing about our wild and crazy DRINK Houston days…. from about 100 years ago 🙂

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Savings & Deals

Birthday Deals and Freebies

November 13, 2018

Last month was my birthday month and I’m always on the hunt for a great deal and a place to spend some of that birthday cash 🙂 Luckily so many of my favorite stores offer tons of birthday deals and freebies so I wanted to be sure to spread the word in case there are a few you haven’t heard of before! Also, none of these involve opening up a credit card with a store, that is something I pretty much never do. Keep in mind that most of these require you to sign up in advance to become a rewards member so be sure to sign up the next time you are in the store or click on any of the links below to sign up online so you won’t miss out when your birthday month comes around!




  • DSW – Rewards Members receive a $5 off discount during their birthday month on any purchase in-store or online.


  • Kendra Scott – You have probably already heard of the 50% off at Kendra Scott during the month of your birthday but did you know you can also use your kids and other relatives birthday discounts as well?! I had no idea I could use my kid’s birthday discount but you absolutely can as long as they are with you in the store at the time of purchase and you bring in their birth certificate! My twins turned three years old in August and I was able to get half off of two items! A nice gift for momma for surviving three years of twinsanity 🙂

  • Kirklands – 25% off any item (including items already on sale) anytime during your birthday month.


  • Madewell – Sign up in store or online to receive a $25 gift card during your birthday month. The gift card will be sent via e-mail after you sign up.


  • Sunglass Hut – Birthday coupon for $50 off $200 purchase or $20 off $100 purchase.

  • Ulta – Sign up for their rewards program and get double rewards points during your birthday month as well as a free birthday gift.


  • World Market – Receive 10 – 15 % off your entire purchase or a $10 off coupon during your birthday month.




  • Nekter Rewards members receive a free birthday shot. 



  • Sugarfina Looove Sugarfina! Sign up to receive a free candy cube!

  • Starbucks Sign up to be a rewards member & receive a free drink (any size) on your birthday. FYI – this offer does expire within 24 hours of your actual birthday, they used to extend this offer for a longer period of time so be sure to hit up Starbucks on your actual bday for this one!

Share your best birthday discounts or ANY discounts and deals with me by commenting below or by reaching out via the contact page. 

Super Affordable Outfits

Halloween Clothes for Twins

September 27, 2018

Fall is by far my favorite time of year! I’m definitely one of those crazy pumpkin obsessed mommmas and love all things fall and Halloween! My daughters are three years old and are really starting to understand Halloween this year, (especially the trick-or-treating and candy part) so I decided to get them a couple of cute outfits for the holiday. One of my favorite retailers, OTwinsClothingCo has the cutest Halloween Clothes for Twins. If you would like to order any of the shirts below be sure to use coupon code KOPALTWINS at checkout to receive a 15% discount.

I found these matching Halloween leggings on Amazon of all places for only $9.99 and they come in a pack of 2! Perfect for twinsies 🙂 The witch hat bows the girls are wearing are from Hobby Lobby but you can also find similar ones on Amazon. These are really cute and a wide variety that can be worn with several different outfits or even with a costume.

I feel like my identicals aren’t super identical but apparently their teachers and classmates have trouble telling them apart at school. My girls are quick to correct you if you call them by the wrong name which I find to be completely adorable! 

Skeletwin Shirts

I also LOVE these Skeletwin shirts! I mean how adorable are these?! Target currently has some skeleton tights (not pictured) that pair perfectly with these.

Fall Collection OTwinsClothingCo

OTwinsClothingCo also has some really cute Thanksgiving shirts for twins! We will definitely be ordering a few of these as well! 

Shirts for Twin Moms

Momma is definitely going to wear this ACDC look alike Highway to Happy Hour shirt 🙂

Everyday Wear

Aside from seasonal outfits they also carry some great everyday shirts. Both of my girls love pink so I got them these cute matching shirts with the arrows. We get lots of compliments on this one!

 Do you have a favorite twin shop? Please share with me your favorite stores! Feel free to comment below or reach out to



Home Decor

Fall Tiered Tray Decorations

September 5, 2018

It may still be 90 plus degrees outside here in Texas but that’s not stopping this mama from decorating for my most favorite time of the year – fall! I love decorating this rustic tiered tray, coffee nook in our house for every season! Below you will find all of the links to the various fall decor I used as well as a few other options because there is just too much cute fall decor out right now to choose from!  I love getting in the spirit of every season but these fall tiered tray decorations are some of my absolute favorites.

Please share your favorite fall finds from this season with me! Feel free to comment below or reach out to

Mommy Must-Haves

Learning Toys for Toddlers

August 28, 2018

My girls just started preschool last week and I’m not going to lie, I am VERY excited they have started this transition! I can just tell they’re at the point where they need constant interaction with other kids their age. I also feel like a structured learning environment will be really beneficial for them. They have late summer birthdays and are the youngest kiddos in their classes so we started working over the summer on basic learning tools I thought they should know to help prepare them for preschool. So far I have found these toys to be the best learning toys for toddlers.


I love this one because there are so many different ways for them to learn. They can count the number of chocolate chips on one side of the cookie and the number on the other side helps them with number recognition. The cookie jar also talks and asks that they find different numbers to put in the jar, if they find the wrong one the jar will ask them to try again.  Finding the correct way to place the cookies into the jar also helps improve their fine motor skills. There are a few different types of these on Amazon, this one is our favorite and is currently priced at $19.99.


One of my daughters in particular is obsessed with Mega Blocks. Mom loves them too because it keeps them entertained for long periods of time and they are fun to do together. I find that it also helps improve their team work because they have to work together to make sure their “castle” doesn’t fall over. Carefully stacking the blocks also helps improve fine motor skills in toddlers.

Mega blocks run around $15 to $20 at most retailers, we purchased ours on Amazon.


Creativity through art is a big part of preschool and this double sided multi-purpose easel is great for displaying all of the girls art work. They can hang their pictures on it or color with chalk on one side and with the dry erase markers on the opposite side. It’s a major bonus that both kids can use this easel at the same time on different sides without anyone fighting for space to color! This one is currently on sale for only $62.99.


These magnets helped my girls learn the alphabet at a very young age. We practiced putting the different letters on the boards and worked on learning colors. We are just now starting to get into spelling as well. They also have animal magnets which helped them learn the names of all of the animals and made going to the zoo so much more fun since they immediately recognized the names of all of the animals!

The animal magnets in the picture above are currently on sale for $10.64.

The number and letter magnets are $18.69, this package also includes addition, subtraction and multiplication math signs that can be saved for when the kids get a little older. 


Similar to the magnets my kiddos love spelling out different words in the bathtub. These letters stick to the wall in the bathtub and float in the water. This is such a great and educational way to spend tub time! The ONLY thing I do not like about these is that the foam letters absorb water like a sponge and over time water collects and attracts bugs to the tub – yuck! We occasionally set ours outside to completely dry in between usage. These foam letters are less than $15 and this set includes a bath tub toy organizer. 


This one is a little advanced but it’s great for kids who LOVE puzzles like mine do. It’s nice that each word is only three or four letters long so they don’t get overwhelmed trying to figure each one out. This puzzle helps with cognition of spelling and words, it’s also great for improving their attention span and concentration because they have to work until each individual puzzle is completed.  The Learning Journey Match It Puzzles run around $10 on Amazon.


You can’t go wrong with some old fashioned flashcards! These are wonderful because similar to the counting cookie jar there is a number on one side of the card and the same number of pictures for them to count on the other side. The bright pictures on each card also helps keep them stimulated. We were given these flash cards as a party favor at a birthday party about two years ago and the girls still love playing with these! Such a perfect idea for a party favor!


You can get several packs of numbers, letters, colors, and shapes cards for only $14.95 on Amazon. This pack also includes a dry erase board to practice writing. 


This one was recommended to me by another mom, I just ordered it and am so excited for the girls to play it. The point of the game is to be the first to fill your log with all of the different colored acorns for the squirrel. This game reinforces color learning and the development of strategic thinking because you can spin to pick an acorn or lose an acorn in the game. It also helps emphasize turn-taking which is something my girls definitely could use some practice with! The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game is less than $20 on Amazon.


I try to keep two of these in the car for the girls to look at with while we are running from place to place. This book in particular has over 100 words and 12 different interactive pages to keep them engaged. Most books like these also include music and touch and teach quiz games to help with word association. There are lots of interactive books like this but this one is currently one of our favorites.


  • Board Books

The director of the girl’s preschool told me that the best thing I can do for them at this age is to read to them and I really could not agree more. Reading helps them learn in so many ways, and it’s such a great way for them to bond with mom or dad before bedtime. I really like the board books because they don’t get ripped when the girls want to touch the pages and hold the books themselves. A few of our favorite bedtime reads are Good Night Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, and any of these Sesame Street Board Books. 

Which toys have helped your child learn? Please feel free to share your comments below or by reaching out to

Super Affordable Outfits

The Perfect Dress for Early Fall

August 12, 2018

Beautiful Tonal Striped Dress

I have to share this beautiful Tonal Striped Dress by Anthropologie because not only is it marked WAY down right now (orignally $148.00 now on sale for only $79.00) it is also super comfortable! The thicker material makes it ideal for slightly cooler temperatures making it the perfect dress for early fall and late summer. 

I’ll definitely be wearing this one to outdoor BBQ’s, church, or just Sunday brunch. The vertical stripes make for a very flattering fit and I love the gorgeous red color! It also has pockets which is an obvious win! Be sure to size down, I was about 8 months pregnant in this picture and am wearing a size small so it runs large. This dress is not maternity but works well for pregnant momma’s too!

It shows on Anthropologie’s website as $99.95 but they are currently running a sale for an additional 20% off on all dresses so after the dress is in your cart they take the additional 20% bringing it down to $79.96.

It’s really easy to pair this dress with a variety of different shoes. The ones I am wearing in the above picture are from Target. Wedges, sandals or even ballet flats all work great with this dress!  Here’s some really cute wedges I recently found on Amazon that come in a ton of different styles and colors.

These crazy girls are always running in opposite directions 🙂 If you are looking for something cute for back to school wear for the kiddos mine are wearing these adorable Ikat shorts from Gymboree and their shirts and shoes were both found at Target. 

If you’ve recently found a great deal on an outfit that you love for the kiddos or yourself please share it with me! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below or reach out to